People Also Ask Tool

Search through more than 150M+ unique PAA questions sourced from Google and ranked by popularity
(For best results search phrases that are 1 to 3 words long. Ex: doorbell camera)

What is People Also Ask Tool?

Use this tool to perform searches against a dataset of 150M+ People Also Ask (PAA) questions collected from Google across 200M keywords. You can find questions relevant to your topic and see them ranked based on popularity.

How is this tool different from PAA scraper tools?

Besides being able to search within 150M+ PAA questions, the major difference is that this tool adds a dimension of popularity which can help prioritization.

Did you know - the PAA feature is extremely dynamic, the questions that show up for the same search query can change based on location, time, device etc.

Here is a snapshot of the SERPs for the same search query taken 1 to 2 weeks apart. Besides time, there is no difference how these were captured:

people-also-search-forSource: Nozzle rank tracker

If you did your PAA research for a topic on a single day, you could easily miss important PAA questions as they are dynamic. Our tool captures these not only over time but for millions of keywords to surface the most important ones.

How do I use this tool?

The tool accepts 3 types of inputs:

1) Topic/Word searches - search using words or phrases that you would like contained within the PAA. (Ex: keto)
2) Domain search - enter a domain and find all the PAA questions answered by the domain. (Ex:
3) URL search - enter a URL and find all the PAA questions answered by the URL. (Ex:

Why doesn't a word search match what I see on Google?

The searches you perform are word searches against what is contained within the PAA question. This allows you to surface PAA questions directly associated with the topic.
You can click the Popularity column to see examples of search keywords where we collected that PAA.

What can I use this tool for?

PAA questions can be utilized in a variety of ways:
1) Better understand your audience by the questions they ask.
2) Surface important ideas, topics and themes that you may otherwise miss due to low or 0 search volume.
3) Enhance existing content by understanding user intent around a particular topic.
4) Find questions people ask about your brand.

You can read a case study on how we utilized PAA questions to grow traffic to a website by 6K daily sessions here.
See other successful ways that people have utilized PAA questions here and here.

How much does it cost?

Please check our pricing page for more details.
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